Mark Cuban Reportedly Kicked Out Of Club On The Night Of Alleged Assault

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a nightclub in Oregon in 2011. He denied the claims, and police never pressed charges, but a new report from the New York Post says Cuban was kicked out of the club for being too drunk on the same night he was accused of sexual assault.

Christopher White was working at the Barrel Room in Portland and saw Cuban get “kind of gropey” with a woman while the two took a photograph together. 

“He was, like, really kind of gropey toward them,” White told the newspaper. “It just wasn’t how you’d normally pose in a picture with someone.”

He told The Oregonian that "she jumped away like she was not happy with him" after he put his arm around her. White said Cuban was drinking heavily that night, and the club had to cut him off, and a manager escorted the billionaire to his car around two in the morning. 

White said he was not interviewed by the police, though four other employees at the Barrel Room did speak with authorities. 

An attorney for Cuban said that White's recollection of the events prove that Cuban did not sexually assault the unidentified woman. 

This former employee of the bar who is coming forward today, seven years later, says he was watching Mr. Cuban at the critical moment when the photographs were being taken and Mr. Cuban did not put his hand in the complainant's pants," said Jacob Houze, an attorney for Cuban, in a statement.

The NBA said it is reviewing the incident, and investigating the claims in a recent report from Sports Illustrated about the "corrosive culture" in the front office of the Mavericks. 

Photo: Getty Images


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