High level athletes leverage athletic ability and an elite mindset to make it to the top. Frank Dalena sits down the athletes we watch on TV, draft to our fantasy teams and cheer for in big games to discuss how that same elite mindset has helped them in business, investing, helping their community, and chasing greatness as a human. Tune in Thursday mornings to hear how today's high level athletes Bring The Juice.

Kendall Milton

James Bailey

Texas Football Legend James Bailey joins the pod to talk all things you can ever imagine. The fellas discuss the intensity of big boy Texas highschool football, having Baker Mayfield be your QB, playing college football at Fresno State, then life after ball. Life after ball for James went straight into the college football coaching pool consisting of roles at all levels. The boys talk the difference of talent and living at NAIA, D3, D2, and D1 along with reminiscing on there old college home known as “The Brickhouse”.

July 4th Bonus

Happy 4th of July from Bring the Juice!

Pat McCann

Fresno State OC Pat McCann joins bring the juice after his first season coaching the Dogs’ high level offense. The fellas give insightful viewpoints on the growth of the landscape of college football and beyond. Coach Pat talks about his iron sharpen iron approach, how he goes about strengthening his offensive mindset, being a leader, and more. The men finish with how Fresno State is a powerhouse program with unlimited potential.

Davontae Harris

NFL Cornerback Devontae Harris come on the Pod. Devontae has played for the Bengals, Broncos, Ravens, Chargers, 49ers, and Titans. Devontae is a vet in the league and has the experience and inside knowledge that not everyone gets to see in the NFL. Devontae wasn't always a big football guy and had to learn the ropes throughout his high school career. With his transition to college his approach to the game changed and strived to make the big leagues, having been called an average player in his draft prospect put a chip on his shoulder and he wanted to prove the doubters wrong. Having made the league things were not the way he expected them. The brotherhood he was used to in college wasn't the same in NFL. The NFL was a business and it was a consent grind to stay a part of a team. Devontae goes on to talk about his struggles and how he handles adversity. Persevering and overcoming the obstacles in front of him to keep striving for greatness. Devontae Harris knows how to BRING THE JUICE!!!

Natalie Benson

Fresno State's very own women's water polo coach slides on the pod. Being an Olympian and a winner of the NCAA national championship for women's water polo, Natalie has had a decretive career. Natalie is very familiar with the winning culture and losing isn't even in her vocabulary. Natalie talks about her experience as an Olympian and what that atmosphere was like. As if being an Olympian wasn't enough Natalie red shirted one year at UCLA to participate in the Olympics one year and came back the following year to win a NCAA national championship. With her approach to the sport and the mental fortitude she had she was the perfect fit for the dogs. Natalie is looking to continue her winning streak and continues to be a beast in all she does. Natalie BRINGS THE JUICE!!!

Malik Sherrod

Fresno State's very own Malik Sherrod come onto the pod. Malik had been a bulldog for four years and is now headed into his 5th year option due to covid. Malik has some serious goals for the upcoming season to reach that next level of greatness. Malik is just realizing he is now one of the Vets of the team and the younger guys are now coming to him. Later in the episode Malik thinks back on some memories and what is the best advice he has received from Jeff Tedford. With this chapter of life coming to an end and getting ready for a new one, Malik is gonna BRING THE JUICE wherever he goes!

Sean Fair

Foyesade Oluokun

NFL Linebacker Foyesade Oluokun slides on the pod. Foyesade has played with the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Being an absolute beast on the field and constantly grinding to reach a new level. Foyesade talks about how he deals with adversity and challenges, and what is his drive for striving for greatness. An absolute dawg and a force to be reckoned with. Foyesade Oluokun definetly brings the juice everywhere he goes!

Guy Haberman

Sports media personality and podcaster Guy Haberman slides on the pod bringing good vibes and insight on the announcer world. Guy talks about some of his favorite college moments and what announcers he has learned from in order to embrace his own identity in the sports media world. He dives into what he does to prepare for games and his insider way to organize his notes to optimize his game. Throughout the episode Guy asks Frank some trivia and about the future of Bring the Juice. Energy is high and the JUICE was brought.