High level athletes leverage athletic ability and an elite mindset to make it to the top. Frank Dalena sits down the athletes we watch on TV, draft to our fantasy teams and cheer for in big games to discuss how that same elite mindset has helped them in business, investing, helping their community, and chasing greatness as a human. Tune in Thursday mornings to hear how today's high level athletes Bring The Juice.

Stephen Spach

Nate Dalena

Rugby Standout Nathan Dalena come on bring the juice to discuss the growth of the sport as well as the California pipeline. Iron sharpens iron and rugby is a staple for teaching how to tackle. The fellas dive deep into what it takes to earn your role on a rugby team, the opportunities, the post game experiences, and what the Olympic caliber team would look like. Bringing the juice is elite for rugby. Go to PrizePicks.com/juice and use code juice for a first deposit match up to $100.

Coach Pat McCann

Fresno State Offensive Coordinator Pat McCann comes on Bring The Juice for a detailed episode explaining his elite mindset he’s used to become both a successful coach and man. The fellas discuss competitive edge, upholding the standard, keeping yourself accountable, and growth. Pats football journey has been nothing short of impressive and his offensive approach on how he attacks he each day is the perfect recipe for success. Lots of juice and lots of high level perspective in this Ep. Go to PrizePicks.com/juice and use code juice for a first deposit match up to $100.

Quincy Pondexter

NBA vet Quincy Pondexter now coaching at University of Washington slides on and brings the juice. We discuss the mental side of playing the NBA, learning how to own your role in the NBA and make a roster, excelling as a professional, going from city to city , his love for the 559, why Washington over Fresno State plus how he started coaching. A high quality , fired up episode of a basketball legend . Go to PrizePicks.com/juice and use code juice for a first deposit match up to $100.

Fresno State Cornerbacks

Fresno State lockdown corners slide on Bring The Juice : that includes Cam Lockridge , Carlton Johnson and Al’zillion Hamilton. The fellas discuss the isolation of playing cornerback, idols in athletics, being related to Ken Griffey Jr and Sr. , upholding a championship standard , the Junior College experience plus more. Go to PrizePicks.com/juice and use code juice for a first deposit match up to $100.

Dervos Deli Special

Out Live from Dervo’s Deli with a Juicey pod this week. First, Sports Lawyer and Agent Jill McBride Baxter discusses her experiences as a pro, how she goes about clients, being the spouse of college football coach, conference realignment insights between the Big12, PAC12, BIG10 and Mountain West then finishing up with some Fresno State talk. Second up is former Fresno State Baseball standout Ryan Sullivan as he discusses his college baseball experience and a different perspective on this conference realignment madness and how it will reflect other sports programs. Third, the voice of Fresno State Athletics and seasoned vet announcer Paul Loeffler talks to discuss the outlook of Fresno State Football, the competitive nature of the valley, and talks about one of his patriotic successful passions in his show Hometown Hero’s which features veterans telling there story that impacted this country. Lastly, we get an electric sit down with Fresno State diehard Chris Healy. You may have seen him and his company on shark tank signing a deal with Mark Cuban… but the longhairs are changing the game for dudes with long hair. Chris has the fired up energy about how the valley and Fresno State have been a pivotal part of his success and that those roots run deep. Love to see it. Lots of juice.

Kenny Wiggins

NFL vet Kenny Wiggins slides on Bring The Juice to discuss business ventures , hot takes on conference re-alignments , the future of Fresno State, when to invest as a young professional athlete plus more . Lots of grit .

Coach Andy Ward

Strength and Conditioning master Andy Ward brings the juice dissecting what it takes to lead a championship caliber college football program. Discussing how to reduce injury, increase strength, maximize speed, utilize mobility, and have an explosiveness translate from the weight room to the field. Ward talks about the culture of the Fresno State Bulldogs, the difference between good and great, as well as the newest technology getting used by the top programs in the country.

Fresno State Linebackers

Some of hardest hitting linebackers of college football join the pod. The Fresno State LBs Raymond Scott, Levelle Bailey and Malachi Langley join the pod to discuss the upcoming season and the success of last season as Mountain West and LA Bowl Champions. Talkin bout the standard of success, playing with a target on your back, upcoming power moves and more.

Fresno State Tight Ends

Fresno State Tight Ends - Tre Watson, Jake Boust and Kam Beachem all come in for a look into the Bulldogs as fall camp approaches. From building off last seasons success, to understanding how special Fresno State is, to which game they’re most hyped for this upcoming year, to NIL, to winning more championships . It’s got the juice.