College Basketball Broadcaster Suspended After He Ripped The Team On Air

Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa Hawkeyes

The long-time radio broadcaster for the Iowa Hawkeyes has been suspended for two games after he was caught disparaging the team and players in the middle of a commercial break during a recent game against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Gary Dolphin did not appear happy with the showing of the Hawkeyes and ripped into the school for not doing enough to recruit high-quality players, something he said Pitt was doing. His conversation was inadvertently played on air. 

Hawk Central transcribed the discussion between Dolphin and his broadcast partner Bobby Hansen.

GARY DOLPHIN: How do we not get anybody like that? ... It's just year after year after year, go get a quality piece like that. Just get one! They've got three or four, (coach Jeff Capel's) first year.

BOBBY HANSEN: Oh, I'm sure he knows where they're at. Duke.

DOLPHIN: Yeah. True.

HANSEN: Handling all of that.

DOLPHIN: We get (guard) Maishe Dailey. (3-second pause) Dribbles into a double-team with his head down. God. (4-second pause) Three pure freshmen (for Pittsburgh).


DOLPHIN: Yeah. And they're both in ... two of them are in double figures (in the first half).

The big issue with Dolphin's comments was that he called out Dailey for his poor play. 

Dolphin apologized for his comments on-air and to the media after the game, which Iowa won 69-68

“We want them to win so bad, sometimes we get frustrated when they’re not playing well in certain stretches," he said. 

Iowa athletic director Gary Barta announced the suspension and said that this was not an isolated incident.

“Gary knows we are extremely disappointed in the comment he made about Maishe Dailey and the impact his remark had on our players and staff. The two-game suspension is a result of those comments, as well as some ongoing tensions that have built up over the past couple of years. This time away from the microphone will allow a chance to work through some of these issues. I truly appreciate the time and energy Gary puts into promoting Hawkeye athletics."

The Hawkeyes are currently 6-0 this season and won the 2K Sports Classic which was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

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