Trade Rumors Are Taking Its Toll On Lakers Morale

Lakers Morale is Down

Lakers Morale is Down

Jason Smith and Rob Parker discuss what could be the saddest look in the NBA right now. Los Angeles Lakers have been in multiple trade rumors and reports to the point where it looks like the organization is willing to get rid of the entire team to acquire Anthony Davis.

The latest news is that the Lakers, the other day, pulled out of trade talks with the Pelicans in an effort to stop bidding against themselves. Unfortunately, the Lakers had a game against the Pacers and the Morale looks like it's at an all-time low. Check out this clip below of what looks like a clear separation of LeBron James from the rest of the team.

This game between the Lakers and Indiana Pacers that occurred last night ended with a final score of 94-136. To add insult to this Lakers loss, the crowd was heckling the team with chants of "LeBron will trade you" to Brandon Ingram and "You're not worthy" to JaVale McGee.

Jason Smith said the following:

The rest of the NBA is patting themselves on the back goin' 'we just played the Lakers. Their front office still doesn't know what they're doing. We let them leak all the names so now all these guys are out there and everybody is mad and now what's gonna happen? How do they all go back and play? They all hate LeBron. We just took care of one of LeBron's prime seasons in the of the last elite seasons he has in his prime. Now they're no threat because if they don't make this trade, they're cooked for the rest of the season.'

Listen to more of Jason Smith and Rob Parker's discussion below.

Lakers Morale is Down